Totsuki Wolves

Alice discovered an ancient family secret, which lets women from the Nakiri family to transform into werewolves. To complete her transformation, she will need the help of the queen, and turns out that the heir to the throne is none other than Erina. Alice will then try to set their wild side free.


:bulletgreen:Pages: 20 + 1 Cover 

:bulletgreen:TF: Werewolf/Multibreast/Breast Expansion

:bulletgreen:Digital comic

:bulletgreen:Only for adults ( 18+ )

:bulletgreen:Production by Locofuria copyright 2020

:bulletgreen:Idea by Xdragon10 

:bulletgreen:Art by Homero Go

:bulletgreen:Lineart and color cover by Atreyu Studio 

Bullet; GreenColors by Zukupow 

:bulletgreen:Lettering by Aivinr 

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USD 10.00

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