Mystery in Romania

Daphne and Velma have parted ways with the gang and have started their own Mystery Inc, but before going fully into it, they decide to go on vacation to a very strange hotel in Romania, which is somewhat related to the Helsing Family.


Bullet; Green Pages: 19 + 1 Cover

Bullet; Green TF: Werewolf/Hyde Girl/Female Muscle Growth

Bullet; Green Digital comic

Bullet; Green Only for adults (18+)

Bullet; Green PATREON FEMALE TRANSFORMATION - 71st Patreon Project

Bullet; Green Editing by Locofuria - November 2022

Bullet; Green Art by Sancara

Bullet; Green Lineart by Kyottsa

Bullet; Green Colors by IZA

Bullet; Green Cover colors by Heliosart00 

Bullet; Green Letters by Francis Francia 

Bullet; Green Idea by 1-Re-Set

You can find Mystery in Romania #2, here:

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USD 9.50

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