God's Blessing on this Wonderful Moon!

Our heroes are running out of money, which forces them to take the mission of hunting down a werewolf. What seemed like an easy mission will turn out to be a real pain in the ass for Kazuma and his group.

Specifications: New *

:bulletgreen: Pages: 20 + 1 Cover

:bulletgreen: TF: Werewolf/Breast Expansion/Butt Expansion

:bulletgreen: Digital comic

:bulletgreen: Only for adults (18+)

:bulletgreen: Previe video: tiktok-GBOTWM!

:bulletgreen: PATREON FEMALE TRANSFORMATION - 61st Patreon Project

:bulletgreen: Editing by Locofuria copyright 2022

:bulletgreen: Art by Atreyu Studios

:bulletgreen: Lettering by Francis Francia

:bulletgreen: Cover Colors by Art of Helios

:bulletgreen: Idea by Brady Menendez




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USD 10.00

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