God's Blessing on this Wonderful Moon! 2

Darkness meets Kazuma who has been injured by one of the wolf girls and now he is afraid of turning into a werewolf, so they decide to go find help at Wiz's shop. Will Kazuma and Darkness be able to find a solution to this problem?


Bullet; Green Pages: 25 + 1 Cover

Bullet; Green TF: Werewolf/Female Muscle Growth/Breast Expansion

Bullet; Green Digital comic

Bullet; Green Only for adults (18+)

Bullet; Green Preview video: 

Bullet; Green PATREON WEREWOLF TF - 3rd Patreon W. Project

Bullet; Green Story & Editing by Locofuria - Published 2023

Bullet; Green Art by Atreyu Studios

Bullet; Green Colors by IZA

Bullet; Green Cover colors by Heliosart00 

Bullet; Green Letters by Aivinr




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USD 10.50

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